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Navigating every day life is tough, and stress is inevitable.

While stress will come, how you handle stress can make a huge difference in the way you move through difficult life situations.

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If I could narrow therapy down to two themes, it would be:

Those in a transitional life stage are my people. From navigating college, to deciding a career path, and exploring new relationships, a lot of moving external factors and life transitions happen during this time. These transitions impact everyone differently and could show up as disordered eating, body image concerns, heightened anxiety, depression, and difficulty in relationships.

I am a dual-licensed in California (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor) and Texas (Licensed Professional Counselor) and as well as a Certified Eating Disorders Specialist.

Give yourself space. Give yourself time.

I wholeheartedly believe the therapy process is designed to help people to adapt and grow to be their best selves in the season that they’re in.

Life, work, and even the people we love can be challenging at times, and my hope is that each of my clients leaves therapy knowing that life will be imperfect and chaotic at times, and they are capable and resilient. Therapy isn’t about having it all figured out- it’s about knowing that there’s a way to navigate through life’s most difficult days.

I’m the middle child of a family of five and have always been known to do my own thing.

When I’m not in my therapy chair, you’ll find me in one of six places:
        Spending time soaking up the sun,
        Cuddled up on my couch watching a movie,
        Snuggling with my precious pup
        Taking a bubble bath while jamming out to NSYNC
        Trying new restaurants with my girls, or
        Planning for my next trip!

I’m the middle child of a family of five and have always been known to do my own thing.

When I’m not in my therapy chair, you’ll find me in one of six places:
Spending time soaking up the sun, cuddled up on my couch watching a movie, snuggling with my precious pup, taking a bubble bath while jamming out to NSYNC, trying new restaurants with my girls, or planning for my next trip!

I grew up in southern California, and always had a feeling I’d be back some day. What I didn’t expect was falling in love with the state of Texas, as well as the community that I've worked with in Houston, Texas.

After more than 10 years of living in Texas, I’m so excited to be back in California and so grateful for the opportunity to work virtually still with clients the I’ve worked with over the years, and continue to support new clients in the Houston area who are in need of virtual services. 

why california and texas?

I'm Lauren Teague!

Hey There!

This is where the growth happens! I often meet with clients weekly for 45 minute follow up sessions where we can explore the pieces of life that feel more important to focus on and work on navigating difficult situations in a way that aligns with who you are as a person and what matters most to you.

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intake appointment

follow-up appointments

The intake appointment is typically 50-60 minutes, and is an opportunity for me to get to know who you are, what life experiences and interests have helped to shape you, and what you’re looking to work through in therapy. It’s also an opportunity to see if you feel like we’re a good fit! 

Going to therapy can be a hard, vulnerable thing to do. Especially when you're feeling overwhelmed and are beating yourself up for making mistakes.

Our work together isn't going to be me having all the answers, but rather helping you find a way to understand and be nonjudgemental about your emotions and guide you on finding a way to exist in this world with peace and grace and challenge the perfectionism. 


all sessions are virtual

Safety and comfort

With the option to participate in a therapy session from home, you can feel more at ease and more open for therapeutic work in your own environments. Imagine curling up with a blanket, cup or tea, or even your pet. This can empower you to learn and use what makes you feel comfortable for therapeutic work. We can both benefit from being able to see full facial expressions without being obstructed by a mask!

Virtual Therapy

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Life can be busy and a bit chaotic! Feeling frazzled to find the right space, figure out the parking situation, or being stuck in traffic are no fun to deal with. Eliminating the commute to and from the therapy office can have its benefits as well.


If you travel for work, live in an area where therapy is less available, or even want access to support while away on a trip, virtual therapy creates an opportunity for you to have support regardless of your physical location.

and we’ve had to find alternatives to what has traditionally worked for us in many different facets- therapy is no different! While meeting in person for sessions can be of great value, virtual therapy has its own benefits worth noting.

the world has changed rapidly in the last few years

What will the cost be? Will insurance cover it?

The cost will be $190 for a 60 minute intake and $175 for 45 minute follow ups.

While I don’t take insurance, individualized Superbills (to file for out of network reimbursement) will be sent out to each client monthly. 

Each client is different, and each therapy journey will reflect that. One factor that does impact time in therapy is engagement in the process- exploring options today is the first step! Therapy is intended to be temporary because the goal is to teach each client tools that will last forever, while helping to build resilience along the way.

How long will this take?

Like anything in life, there is no guarantee! However, there is a huge amount of research that shows that therapy is effective in helping us understand ourselves, our emotions, and ways to handle life stress. 

Will this work?

Not a problem! Not every client is a fit for every therapist, and one of the most important factors is the therapeutic alliance. If you don’t feel a connection, I’d be happy to provide referrals for other providers in the community.

What if I don't like you?

I am licensed in both Texas and California, which means I can see anyone who resides in either of those states! All of our appointments are done virtually - I don't have a physical office space! - and I'm a pro at working around timezone changes.

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